Orillia Winter Carnival, Lexar and Rescue Pro

On Sunday February 10th, we joined the thousands of other Orillian residents at the annual Orillia Winter Carnival.  The highlight of the carnival is the polar bear dip where brave individuals jump into the ice-cold waters of Lake Couchiching to raise funds for local charities.  It was cold enough outside for us and we were dressed properly protecting us from the elements so we couldn’t imagine what it must feel like to actually jump in the frigid water.  The firefighters stood in the pond carved out of the ice in case of an emergency as the community cheered and encouraged the dippers on.  I took a sequence of images that I hope illustrate the enthusiasm and fund-raising dedication of just a few of the dozens that took the dip.

The gathering before the plungeCouncillor Paul SpearsCouncillor Paul SpearsCouncillor Paul SpearsTaking the plungeTaking the plunge x 4Here we go!Blue Jay waybelly flop inDiving inThe Phantom of the Polar dipThe Phantom of the Polar dipBananaI'm ready!Banana Back somersaultBanana Back somersaultBanana Back somersaultBanana Back FlopBanana Back FlopCrowd around Polar DipSnowmobiles and Ice hutsOrillia Winter Carnival

The second part of this story is that I was using a 4 month-old 32GB Lexar Compact Flash card.  When we returned from the carnival I downloaded the images as I normally do after a days shooting.  This time to my surprise, neither my MacBook or my iMac would recognize the card.  I was pretty concerned since I was probably going to lose all the images I took this day.  I basically had 3 choices, go to a professional shop and spend an unknown amount of money to get the images retrieved, use a software program and try myself  or format the card and start over and never have confidence in the card again.  A couple of years ago this happened with one of my Delkin cards and I was able to retrieve the images using a program from Sandisk called RescuePro, a yearly subscription investment of a mere $20.00.  I gave RescuePro a go and after a few hours I had all my images recovered.  The Lexar card has a 5-year warranty so it is now on its way back to Lexar for testing and hopefully a replacement.  Mechanical failure of the camera body, camera lens or memory card is real and is always something to worry about.  My 32 GB card will hold in excess of 1,000 RAW images and I can’t imagine loosing that number of images of a rare photo opportunity so I very thankful that there is a reliable piece of software out there that has helped me out twice now.



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  1. Scott Martin February 28, 2013 at 1:03 am #

    Great series Arni and it must have been fun to take them too. I would have gladly driven to Orillia to hold your camera so you could have participated 🙂

    • Arni February 28, 2013 at 8:45 am #

      I appreciate the offer Scott, even though I have a few things on my bucket list, this is not one of them. 😉 By the way, I got my replacement Lexar CF card yesterday.