Three of a Kind

I have another week in Ottawa and on this journey I decided that a detour through Algonquin was in order for one last visit this winter before the suet feeder was taken down.  Soon spring will be here and the Black Bears will be looking for food after their nap and the suet would be a nice treat.  I never tire of seeing the Boreal Chickadees and this time we were very surprised when one landed on Dianne’s outstretched hand.  We can always rely on the friendly Black-Capped Chickadees, Gray Jays and Red-breasted Nuthatches landing on our hands, but a Boreal Chickadee?  They would quickly land on a hand, grab a peanut and disappear in a heart beat.

Boreal ChickadeeBoreal ChickadeeBoreal Chickadee

As regular readers are aware, Great Gray Owls have been in Algonquin Provincial Park since last fall and I have been relentless in trying to find them and photograph them and I have had some good results.  Meanwhile in other parts of the province, Great Gray Owls have been more reliable and photographed with great success.  Ottawa is a five hour journey one way from Orillia so I was hoping that the ‘resident’ Great Grays would still be there in March which was my next planned trip.  We arrived late Sunday afternoon and made our way to the reported locations and much to our delight, there were 3 Great Grays patiently sitting on branches on the edge of the treeline.  There were other photographers there waiting for the definitive action shot but I am quite content in taking static shots of my targets.  We met another birding couple there and the four of us were in awe of these magnificent birds.  They all look different with #3 the most different of all.  Thanks for stopping by!

Great Gray OwlGreat Gray OwlGreat Gray Owl


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  1. Scott Martin March 19, 2013 at 9:11 am #

    Excellent post Arni and I particularly like the third Boreal Chickadee image. Its great when work and birding schedules coincide, especially when the birds include Boreal Chickadees and Great Gray Owls!

    • Arni March 19, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

      Thank you Scott, I’m glad you didn’t ‘bait’ me into revealing how or why the other photographers were waiting for the definitive image. 🙂