Photography Workshops

_N5A1688After many inquiries and requests combined with the success of workshops I have conducted this summer, I am very excited to officially announce that I am now offering photography workshops!

The Exposure Triangle – Your Path to More Creative Pictures

Today’s digital cameras are very sophisticated and each new model adds new and more sophisticated features helping the user to capture better photos.   However, conversations with my clients, customers and passersby at the market and art shows reveals a great number of them are still relying on the ‘auto’ mode (often represented as a green square on a camera dial) to take photographs.  Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the automatic settings and I sometimes do too but not that often 😉  Quite simply the auto mode removes any guesswork and creativity from the photographic process.  If you are a beginning photographer or have a desire to have more control over your camera settings, then this workshop is for you.

Bird Photography Techniques

Capturing images of birds was my first photographic pursuit and passion and I never tire of trying to capture new images of familiar feathered friends or pursuing those on my nemesis list.  I have learned many successful techniques over the past few years and I am offering to share those with you through a dedicated workshop.

Night Sky Photography Techniques

The night sky is a new interest of mine and I am excited to help you take images of our glorious heavens including the moon,  the milky way and light painting.

If you are interested in any of these workshops which are detailed on my Services page, please send me an email at or use the contact form.


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